Friday , 19 July 2019
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Eat that Frog!


Time management is really management of your life. Time management is the ability to determine the sequence of events — what you do first, what you do second, and what you don’t do at all. In this fast-moving, one-day workshop, you learn how to apply the most important personal management principles ever discovered to every area of your life.

The goal of Eat That Frog! is to enable you to double your productivity, performance and output.

The Benefits

  • Decide exactly what you want
  • Determine your most important goals
  • Set priorities in each area of your life
  • Unlock your mental powers
  • Focus on your most valuable tasks
  • Eliminate low-value, no-value activities
  • Apply “Zero Based Thinking” to every area of your life
  • Downsize, delegate or eliminate non-essential work
  • Double your productivity and double your free time

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