Friday , 19 July 2019
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Superior Sales Management


‘The Key to Building A World-Class Sales Force’

The Challenge

The sales manager can be the most important single determinant of overall sales results in a company, yet most sales managers have not been thoroughly trained in their jobs.

The Opportunity

A world-class sales force needs a world-class sales manager. The most profitable, highest-selling companies have the best salespeople working with the best managers. This course for sales managers can give your sales team the ‘winning edge.’

The Pivotal Skill

The role of the sales manager is the vital link between sales planning and sales results. All improvement in the sales force begins with improvement in sales management. An investment in building excellent sales managers assures higher, more dependable sales results.

The Benefits

  • Recruit better salespeople
  • Get them up to speed faster
  • Better organisation of sales territories
  • Greater predictability of sales results
  • Better coaching, counseling and skill development
  • More effective at managing, motivating, delegating, and supervising
  • Better communication skills, more effective meetings, better problem-solving and decisionmaking
  • Highly motivated salespeople committed to getting sales results

The Training

This three-day, multi-media program is the most complete training for sales managers in any media. Participants receive workbooks and audio CDs for review. It can be presented by in-house facilitators or by an outside professional.

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