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“Leadership and business planning, in a uniform approach across our international company, was a key outcome required from the investment we made in the Brian Tracy High Performance Leadership Program.

We chose a 12 month program and we found the monthly sessions with the interactive method of covering many key areas of leadership to be very beneficial. Our management now has a greater comprehension of leadership values and strategies and they are better able to align with corporate objectives. This has helped us maintain a competitive advantage.

The audio CD set provided to each course attendee has really helped with sustaining the information from High Performance Leadership. We believe we have achieved an excellent return on investment with this program.”

Mark Sandgren
Managing Director, The Austway Group of Companies

“After considerable due diligence in searching for Leadership programs offered independently throughout our region, our company decided on the Brian Tracy High Performance Leadership program.

Without hesitation, I am pleased to say that this course, through its modular approach, fully satisfied our agenda. Its consistency and pragmatic method helped achieve tangible change in our organization across multiple levels. This is quite unusual in light of past training programs we have utilized.

The application exercises were very helpful in aligning the information to practical outcomes for our business.

I have recently completed an Advanced Masters in Business Administration from Adelaide University and I found the Brian Tracy Leadership course added the depth that I didn’t receive from my University education.”

Conor McKenna
Venture Capital Development, Two Eyes Inc.

“It is with pleasure that we write this testimonial. We have participated in the Brian Tracy 12-month High Performance Leadership program.

After many courses over the years in business, motivation and personal development, it was with much delight to attend such a direct and understandable program. It was great to come away with useful steps and ideas that have helped us grow in our business and personal lives.

Using the tools we had learnt and feeling so inspired, we made time to sit and plan the future of our business. In a short amount of time, we have grown our business to the next level and beyond. We plan to send all of our team to Brian Tracy programs so as to help them achieve their career and personal goals.”

Amanda Taylor and Stephen Arrizza
Owners, The Basin Haircutters

“We can assure you that our managers found your presentation stimulating and invigorating, and voiced enthusiastic intent to execute the practical recommendations for achieving greater success in their sales as well as personal development.

It is easy to see why you are one of the most recognised authorities on successful performance and individual achievement.”

Pamela Romano
President – Zales Corporation

“Your Presentation was motivational and insightful!

Our top performers left the morning session feeling energised, invigorated, and ready to capture market share from competitors. Our management team was very impressed with your wealth of knowledge and the detail shown in each aspect of your presentation.”

Ken Gitlin
Executive Director of Operational Support, Robert Hall International, Inc.

 “Brian, with all the sincerity there is, thank you for participating in the IBM conference.

Your presentation was a highlight of the program, and contained many keys for achieving great success in both personal and Businessactivities. I look forward to the day when we again will have the opportunity to work together.”

Bruce Baldwin
Special Events Coordinator, IBM

 “You made a good impression with some of our partners who will likely want to work with you in the future.We appreciate the opportunity of working with you and I know that having you speak on this subject is one of the reasons why this Conference achieved such success.”

P. Wayne Musselma
Partner, Deloitte & Touche

“July was the best month we’ve had for three years! Our sales increased by 53%.
The difference is huge as everyone can see that Absolute Colour Printing is going places! Your training has provided us with focus, skills in sales and sales management, which we didn’t have before in our 13+ years of Business.” 

Yvonne Parkinson
Director, Absolute Colour Printing (NSW)

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